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...because marketing is not an event, it’s a systemized process.

UnderGround Marketing Society, LLC {UGMS} is a North Seattle based digital marketing company.  We are focused on helping your local business and/or your sales team grow their market share through emerging internet based technology. Serving both U.S. and Canadian located businesses, our unique process, The Local Marketing Circle℠ encompasses a multi-facetted approach to online marketing. Establishing your business as a local authority via building and marketing your Five Star Reputation, top internet Search Rankings combined with a broad Social Presence. The result? Your business will attract highly targeted traffic into your sales funnel.

Are you looking to increase your revenue? UGMS will help you by enhancing the resources you already have now and creating new revenue sources that did not exist before.

UGMS helps your local businesses and your sales teams dominate your local market online. Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest with Reputation, Search and Social - The Local Marketing Circle℠ program.


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